Hixon Parish Council Newsletter Autumn 2022

One of Hixon Parish Council’s long held ambitions is to improve the visual street scene at the New Road and Church Lane gateways into the village, where the industrial estates buildings tend to dominate the view. However, a recently completed environmental and landscaping scheme at New Road has made a significant and attractive difference.

The Parish Council sought a partnership arrangement with adjacent landowners, JBMi and Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC), to design and implement a scheme that has seen a once ugly area transformed. The stark appearance of several concrete bollards has been changed by the clever trick of cladding them in timber boards and seasonal planting. And a  scruffy area of weeds has been replaced with bright golden gravel finished off with hardy alpine planting. Attractive green wire mesh fencing replaces the previous industrial galvanised steel palisade fencing.

The three-way partnership worked exceptionally well, with all having an active engagement throughout the project. Josh Brough of JBMi said “we were delighted to work alongside Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and Hixon Parish Council in this visual enhancement project and we hope it will be appreciated by local residents and all visitors coming in to Hixon. Something for everyone to enjoy throughout the seasons.” Robin McMullan of PBCC echoed Josh’s words, adding that “the new Church building will be set within a beautifully landscaped area including a lagoon that will further enhance the street scene.”

The total cost to Hixon Parish Council was £ 5,172. This was shared equally with JBMi and Plymouth Brethren Church, meaning each partner paid £1,724. representing great value for all parties and the local community. Hixon Parish Council will be looking to create similar visual and environmental improvement projects around the Parish in the future.