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Staffordshire County Council is responsible for the road network in Hixon and the whole of Staffordshire. The condition of road surfaces has been a source of concern for several years now. Hixon Parish Council lobbies the County Council for action whenever there are reports of pot holes, flooding and other issues are brought to the Council’s attention. Members of the public can report problems directly to Staffordshire County Council via their Report it form.

Investing in the environment

Hixon Parish Council has set aside a £20,000 budget to improve driver awareness of changing speed limits throughout the parish. In the first instance, gateway features are planned alongside the A51 at Pasturefields, Church Lane, Lea Heath, Stowe Lane and Lea Road.

The ‘environment’ is a wide-ranging topic, encompassing the built environment (housing, industry and highways) and the natural landscape. Hixon Parish Council has resolved to safeguard and improve the built and natural environment throughout the parish area and to encourage greater community involvement. Current and future projects include: improvements to areas of public open space and street scene aspects. Long term, the intention is to encourage more local residents to be active in the community.

Pasturefields Gateway Features

Hixon Parish Council has agreed that new gateway features alongside the A51 at Pasturefields will be the first project. This will enable Hixon PC to utilise a £16,000 pot of money promised to Staffordshire County Council as part of planning permission to build industrial units at Pasturefields. Any leftover funds can be used to finance other highway projects in Hixon parish area.

A51 at Ed Weetman from direction Rugeley

A51 at Pasturefields from direction Weston