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The Hixon Parish Council allotments site in Egg Lane, Hixon was opened in May 2011. The allotments were initiated and designed by Hixon Parish Council. The £20,000 build cost was covered by a National Lottery grant of £10,000, Hixon Airfield Estates donation of £2,000 and the landowners (Martin family) donation of £2,000. Hixon Parish Council provided the £6,000 top up to the cost.

The letting of plots is managed by Wellington Fields Allotment Association. Contact:

There are currently vacancies at Hixon Parish Council allotments, know as Wellington Fields Allotments. The allotments are on Egg Lane in Hixon and are available to residents of Hixon Parish and also residents of Stowe by Chartley Parish and Weston with Gayton Parish.

If you are interested in renting an allotment, please contact the Wellington Fields Allotment Committee Secretary Jane Garner by e-mail on

For more information, visit the Wellington Fields website