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Task Group and Committee Membership

Hixon Parish Council has identified a number of areas of work where small groups of Councillors can work together to deliver the aims and objectives of the full council more efficiently.


  • Employment;
    • Brendan McKeown: Paul Hopcroft: : Chris Hilton: Chelsea Jones
    • Frequency: Two times a year.
  • Planning;
    • Paul Hopcroft: Susan McKeown: Darren Hever-Smith: Jon Hughes. Substitute – Chris Hilon
    • Frequency: As required

Internal task groups

  •  Filing on the Cloud
    • Susan McKeown: Chris Hilton: Catherine Gill:
    • Frequency: As required
  • Highways and Road Safety
    • Darren Hever-Smith: Susan McKeown: Chris Hilton: Jon Hughes: Brendan McKeown
    • Frequency: As required
  • Parish Online
    • Darren Hever-Smith: Susan McKeown: Chris Hilton: Catherine Gill
    • Frequency: As required
  •  Website
    • Susan McKeown: Chris Hilton: Catherine Gill: Chelsea Jones
    • Frequency: As required
  • Administration;
    • Brendan McKeown: Catherine Gill: Susan McKeown.
    • Frequency: Annually (November).
  • Christmas Light Switch On;
    • Brendan McKeown:  Darren Hever-Smith: Susan McKeown
    • Frequency:  Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec
  • Sports & Leisure ;
    • Darren Hever-Smith: Chelsea Jones: Brendan McKeown
    • Frequency:  As required
  • Electric Vehicle Charging;
    • Jon Hughes, Darren-Hever Smith: Brendan McKeown
    • Frequency:  As required
  • Environment ;
    • All Councillors
    • Frequency:  As required
  • Other task groups may need to be formed.

External task groups

  • JBMI; Paul Hopcroft
  • Trent Valley Collaboration; Brendan McKeown: Paul Hopcroft: Catherine Gill
  • Hixon PC Allotments; Joe Craen
  • Hixon Volunteer Group; Brendan McKeown
  • Patient Participation Group; Paul Hopcroft
  • Hixon Neighbourhood Plan; Brendan McKeown: Susan McKeown: Catherine Gill
    Incorporates the Biodiversity Group of Joe Craen: Chris Hilton: Brendan McKeown
  • Stowe Consolidated Charites; Joe Craen