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Information & Data Protection Policy



In order to conduct its business, services and duties, Hixon Parish Council processes a range of data, relating to its own operations and some which it handles on behalf of partners. In broad terms, this data can be classified as:

  • Data shared in the public arena about the services it offers, its mode of operations and other information it is required to make available to the
  • Confidential information and data not yet in the public arena such as ideas or policies that are being worked
  • Confidential information about other organisations because of commercial
  • Personal data concerning its current, past and potential employees, Councillors, and
  • Personal data concerning individuals who contact it for information, to access its services or facilities or to make a complaint.

Hixon Parish Council will manage responsibly all data which it handles and will respect the confidentiality of both its own data and that belonging to partner organisations it works with and members of the public. In some cases, it will have contractual obligations towards confidential data, but in addition will have specific legal responsibilities for personal and sensitive information under data protection legislation.

The Council will periodically review and revise this policy in the light of experience, comments from data subjects and guidance from the Information Commissioners Office.

The Council will be as transparent as possible about its operations and will work closely with public, community and voluntary organisations. Therefore, in the case of all information which is not personal or confidential, it will be prepared to make it available to partners and members of the local communities.

This policy was adopted by Hixon Parish Council at its meeting on 18th September 2018 and will be valid until further notice.