Groundworks on fields to rear of former Green Man pub

Hixon Parish Councillors have received a number of calls and messages from local residents who are concerned about ground works on the fields to the rear of the former Green Man pub site. Questions have also been raised about a hand painted ‘Hixon Caravan Site’ on the side of a steel container.

The fields in question are outside the Hixon development boundary as defined in the approved and adopted Hixon Neighbourhood Plan and the Stafford Borough Council Plan for Stafford. Therefore, any change of use requires planning consent. Hixon Parish Council is not aware that a planning application has been submitted in respect of a caravan site.

Hixon Parish Council has been monitoring the ground works and has reported these to Stafford Borough Council Planning & Enforcement officers.

Should a planning application be forthcoming, it will be considered by Hixon Parish Council in the same way that the Council considers all applications by reference to the Hixon Neighbourhood Plan development boundary and other policies within the Neighbourhood Plan.

There would be a presumption against planning approval for a caravan site or related uses on the land.