Hixon Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications submitted for development within the parish boundary. The Parish Council can only support or object to planning applications, the final decision is made in most cases by Stafford Borough Council. Hixon Parish Council is also consulted on planning applications submitted to Staffordshire County Council. Hixon Parish Council endeavours to be consistent in how it considers all planning applications and uses The Plan for Stafford Borough and the Hixon Neighbourhood Plan as its point of reference. 

Reasons to refuse the Gladman Planning Application 08/12/15

2) The proposal is contrary to the provisions of SP7 (Spatial Principle 7) of the Plan for Stafford Borough and therefore also to C5A New Development in that it would impact adversely on important views and would adversely affect the character of the area conflicting with criteria SP7(f). As such the proposal does not constitute sustainable development. To provide the visibility splay and proposed passing-places would entail the removal of large sections of mature hedgerow. 3) The proposed site does not comply with either Part 2 of the Plan for Stafford Borough or with the Hixon Neighbourhood Plan, both of which are in the final stage of consultation and are in accordance with each other. Other reasons include: Highways issues e.g. Stowe Lane is too narrow for the traffic from the site, there are no footpaths making the increase in traffic very dangerous for pedestrians, dog walkers, horse riders etc. The proposed passing places do not actually exist and there is insufficient space to provide them within Highways land. The proposed pedestrian route is implausible and the footpath to Greenfields is too narrow for a pushchair or wheelchair.
A further 90 houses in Hixon (on top of the 152 already granted planning permission during the period of the Plan for Stafford Borough) would overwhelm the local amenities and facilities and add to the huge traffic problems when trying leave Hixon on to the A51 and to the traffic problems through Stowe by Chartley. The indicative layout of the site is too cramped and not suitable for a village environment, the types of houses proposed do fit in with the local vernacular. And many more reasons ....