Hixon Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications submitted for development within the parish boundary. The Parish Council can only support or object to planning applications, the final decision is made in most cases by Stafford Borough Council. Hixon Parish Council is also consulted on planning applications submitted to Staffordshire County Council. Hixon Parish Council endeavours to be consistent in how it considers all planning applications and uses The Plan for Stafford Borough and the Hixon Neighbourhood Plan as its point of reference. 

Hixon Neighbourhood Plan 03/01/17

The people of Hixon have given a resounding 'thumbs up' to adopting the plan. 474 people voted (32.11% of the electorate). 451 voted YES; a massive 95.2% of the vote. 23 voted against the plan. The 32.11% turnout is the highest for any neighbourhood plan referendum in Stafford borough. The Hixon Neighbourhood Plan is now enshrined in planning policy at Stafford Borough Council, meaning that all future planning applications will have to be considered against our plan. This will be a significant factor in deciding where development can take place. Essentially this will be within the tight new settlement boundary specified in the plan. There will also be a requirement for 20% bungalows and for better design. The industrial estate boundaries have also been tightly defined. The plan will also require future development to make a positive contribution to Hixon parish by way of improving provision of services and infrastructure. Copy of plan available in the Neighbourhood Plan Documents section.