Scrap Collectors 17/09/13

Hixon Parish Council would like to ask residents to take back inside any items that have been left out for the scrap collectors but not collected, after 2-3 days. Fridges and freezers are not routinely taken away but you can request collection from Stafford Borough Council (for a fee) or take to the borough council tip yourself. The Parish Council would also like to warn residents that the scrap collectors have taken items that were not intended for scrap (e.g. children's bikes left on front garden) and would encourage people to label left-out scrap items as being "scrap for collection". To avoid encouraging the scrap metal collectors, it is worth remembering that most discarded items (there are some exceptions, including fridges and freezers) can also be placed free-of-charge in the civic amenity skip that the parish council provide every 2 months on the parish council car park - dates are on the website in the Events section.