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Parish Council Scheduled Meeting Dates to the end of 2020 (dates occasionally subject to change)

Meetings are suspended until further notice.

This page has the agendas for the council's meetings

The agenda is posted a few days before the meeting and is in a pdf format.


 Ordinary Parish Council meetings are normally the third Tuesday of every month except August in the Memorial Hall on High Street, Hixon, starting at 7.30pm. There is normally an adjournment at about 7.35pm for members of the public to address or question councillors on an agenda item or a new item (known as Public Participation). An agenda item can be brought forward for discussion by Councillors upon request (Standing Orders will be suspended).


Agenda 17th March 2020Date: 13/03/20Agenda 18th February 2020Date: 14/02/20Agenda 21st January 2020Date: 18/01/20Agenda 17th December 2019Date: 13/12/19Agenda 12th November 2019Date: 08/11/19Agenda 15th October 2019Date: 11/10/19Agenda 17th September 2019Date: 15/09/19Agenda 11th June 2019Date: 20/07/19Agenda 16th July 2019Date: 16/07/19Agenda 25th June 2019 Extra meetingDate: 21/06/19Parish Meeting Agenda 21st May 2019Date: 18/05/19Agenda 21st May 2019Date: 18/05/19Agenda 16th April 2019Date: 12/04/19Agenda 19th March 2019Date: 15/03/19Agenda 19th February 2019Date: 15/02/19Agenda 15th January 2019Date: 11/01/19Agenda 18th December 2018Date: 14/12/18Agenda 20th November 2018Date: 16/11/18Agenda 16th October 2018Date: 12/10/18Agenda 18th September 2018Date: 15/09/18Agenda 17th July 2018Date: 13/07/18Agenda 19th June 2018Date: 15/06/18Agenda Parish Meeting 15th May 2018Date: 11/05/18Agenda 15th May 2018Date: 11/05/18Agenda 17th April 2018Date: 12/04/18Agenda 27th March 2018Date: 23/03/18Agenda 20th February 2018Date: 16/02/18Agenda 16th January 2018Date: 14/01/18Agenda 9th January 2018 Extra Date: 05/01/18Agenda 19th December 2017Date: 20/12/17Agenda 21st November 2017Date: 21/11/17Agenda 17th October 2017Date: 13/10/17Agenda 19th September 2017Date: 15/09/17Agenda 11th July 2017Date: 07/07/17Agenda 20th June 2017Date: 18/06/17Agenda 20th June 2017Date: 16/06/17Agenda 16th May 2017Date: 16/05/17Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting 16th May 2017Date: 09/05/17Agenda 18th April 2017Date: 14/04/17Motions for meeting 13th April 2017Date: 09/04/17Agenda 13th April 2017 extraDate: 09/04/17Agenda 21st March 2017Date: 17/03/17Agenda 21st February 2017Date: 18/02/17Agenda 17th January 2017Date: 13/01/17Agenda 20 December 2016Date: 03/01/17Agenda 15th November 2016Date: 11/11/16Agenda 18th October 2016Date: 14/10/16Agenda 20th September 2016Date: 18/09/16Agenda 16th August 2016Date: 14/08/16Agenda 19th July 2016Date: 15/07/16Agenda 28th June 2016Date: 24/06/16Agenda Parish Meeting 17th May 2016Date: 13/05/16Agenda 17th May 2016Date: 13/05/16Agenda 19th April 2016Date: 19/04/16Agenda 15th March 2016Date: 11/03/16Agenda 23rd February 2016Date: 19/02/16Agenda 19th January 2016Date: 11/01/16Agenda 12th January 2016 Extraordinary MeetingDate: 08/01/16Agenda 15th December 2015Date: 11/12/15Agenda 17th November 2015Date: 17/11/15Agenda 20th October 2015Date: 16/10/15Agenda 15th September 2015Date: 11/09/15Agenda 4th August 2015Date: 31/07/15Agenda 7th July 2015Date: 03/07/15Agenda 16th June 2015Date: 22/06/15Agenda Extra meeting 9th June 2015Date: 09/06/15Agenda 19th May 2015Date: 19/05/15Agenda Parish Meeting May 19th 2015Date: 13/05/15Agenda 21st April 2015Date: 17/04/15Agenda 17th March 2015Date: 14/03/15Agenda 24th February 2015Date: 23/02/15Agenda 27th January 2015Date: 26/01/15Agenda 13th January 2015 Extra MeetingDate: 09/01/15Agenda 16th December 2014Date: 12/12/14Agenda 18th November 2014Date: 14/11/14Agenda 21st October 2014Date: 17/10/14Agenda 16th September 2014Date: 12/09/14Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 5th August 2014Date: 01/08/14Agenda 15th July 2014Date: 12/07/14Agenda 17th June 2014Date: 13/06/14Agenda 20th May 2014Date: 16/05/14Agenda Parish Meeting 20th May 2014Date: 16/05/14Agenda 15th April 2014Date: 12/04/14Agenda 18th March 2014Date: 14/03/14Agenda 18th February 2014Date: 15/02/14Agenda 21st January 2014Date: 21/01/14Agenda 14th January 2014 ExtraDate: 11/01/14Agenda 17th December 2013Date: 13/12/13Agenda 19th November 2013Date: 18/11/13Agenda 15th October 2013Date: 14/10/13Agenda 17th September 2013Date: 17/09/13Agenda July 25th 2013Date: 22/07/13Agenda June 18th 2013Date: 14/06/13Agenda 21st May 2013Date: 21/05/13Agenda Parish Meeting May 21st 2013Date: 15/05/13Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 16th May 2013Date: 15/05/13Agenda 16th April 2013Date: 12/04/13Agenda March 19th 2013Date: 19/03/13Agenda February 12th 2013Date: 12/02/13Agenda January 15th 2013Date: 15/01/13Agenda January 8th 2013 - extra meetingDate: 08/01/13Agenda 18th December 2012Date: 18/12/12Agenda 20th November 2012Date: 20/11/12Agenda 16th October 2012Date: 16/10/12Agenda 18th September 2012Date: 18/09/12Agenda 17th July 2012Date: 17/07/12Agenda 19th June 2012Date: 19/06/12Agenda 15th May 2012Date: 15/05/12Agenda Parish Meeting 15th May 2012Date: 15/05/12Agenda 17th April 2012Date: 17/04/12Agenda 20th March 2012Date: 20/03/12Agenda 21st February 2012Date: 21/02/12Agenda 17th January 2102Date: 17/01/12Agenda 10th January 2102 Extra meetingDate: 10/01/12